GroWorld Game - The Mac binary package contains the source code for both fluxus and the PlantEyes game.

Plant Perception

Nik mentioned Terence McKenna's article “Plan, Plant, Planet” as required reading for the workshop. ( PDF | html )

How can permaculture theories such as the 12 principles outlined by David Holmgren be used as design patterns for problems other than gardening / farming / urban design?

Plant Sensing on Fo.AM's Libarynth.

The documentary The Secret Life of Plants explores many concepts to do with plant perception. Film is based on this book.

“It's ok eat fish, 'cos they don't have any feelings”

but what about plants? Cleve Backster put a lie detector on a plant as a way of sensing a plant's reaction to emotional stress.

Sir Jagadis Chunder Bose developed the Crescograph as a way of visually recording a plant's growth: psychobotany

Lawrence Edwards spent the latter years of his life photographing plant buds and tracking the shape of their growth. These shapes can be described by path curve mathematics. More info on Projective Geometry and on the relationship between bud shape and planetary orbits. (A summary of relationships between plants and planets here.

Plant measurements (Other)

Photoelectric device for recording plant movements. (PDF ARticle including a circuit diagram.)

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