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This is a working space for the workshop cluster. The original description of the workshop can be found here:


Ways Of Doing Documentation

  • We've decided to make a namespace to document this workshop. We invite all participants to continue the discussion and expand this resource.

Proposed ideas for this cluster by Marcos García

-One first meeting of all the participants of the cluster for presentation. (1-2 hours of duration)

-One everybody meeting in the middle of the workshop to (1-2 hours on Wednesday evening)

-James and Jordi meeting: we could organize presentation of projects by participants. Some participants are involved in really interesting projects that would be great to know more about them: www.citilab.eu , www.escuelab.org , www.disonancias.com/es/ , http://moddr.net/ , www.tijuanamedialab.org/ , http://ptqkblogzine.blogia.com/ , http://metareciclagem.ourproject.org/ , www.medialab-prado.es :) , and many others … added : http://xlterrestrials.org/plog/ (This could take a couple of hours with 5-10 minute presentation and debates)

-Visiting other projects. Carsten sent a list. Maybe we could select a few, and visit and discuss about methodologies in their spaces. I suggest to visit three spaces with different approaches.

-Summer activities. I propose that some debate sessions are celebrated in the lake with a picnic :) At least one picnic day if possible.

-Night activities. Dorkbot? Pecha Kucha?… as part of the Medialab workshop we could organize a Pecha Kucha night and or a Dorkbot. Do you think this could be a good idea?

FLOSS Manuals Book Sprint

Participation in the FLOSS Manuals book sprint is free of charge. However, if book sprinters want to participate in other workshops, they will be expected to pay the fee. If you plan to only attend the book sprint, please contact Adam Hyde directly: adam@flossmanuals.net

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