Original Workshop Description

This is a working space for the workshop cluster. The original description of the workshop can be found here:



A documentation of the dataforensics workshop can be found here: http://scrying.org/doku.php?id=dataforensics:documentation

Work in progress

Materials working lists

1] Analog computers:

 PLEASE IF POSSIBLE: does anyone have an analog-input xy plotter that works? 
 Or do I need to bring mine?

Similar to: http://www.leftfield.org/~dd/images/TE/HP7035B.jpg

 2-3 small speakers/amplifiers
 soldering irons/hand tools
 video projector (at least sometimes) (hkw) 
 dual-trace analog scopes. If we could get two scopes it would be amazing! (Martin can bring one -mh)
 jr: bringing 10 kits to build an analog computer similar to the one designed by Kiers et al (1999) but with scalable time.

reference here: http://sprott.physics.wisc.edu/pubs/paper273.pdf

2] Plant perception:

 perhaps one or two of these:  http://www.contico.org.uk/phpdatabase4.php?value5=112
 2-3 optical microscopes (100x +)
 ~20 glass slides
 2-3 scalpels
 5-6 deck chairs
 small bottle of acetone or white spirits
 some pencils & spiral bound notebooks
 electronic parts for the Lawrence-Theroux device
  cf. http://www.borderlands.com/archives/arch/detectin.htm (to be added to reichelt order)

3] Data Forensics:

Participants are welcome to bring: laptops, recording equipment…

wireless and wired internet routed to upstairs (HKW)

USB wireless (ALFA 500mw Alfa Network AWUS036H) [ordered MH]


Dual Core AMD or Intel
Intel GMA 4500/NVIDIA Series 7 or better graphics card
	- If SLI/DVI provide DVI->VGA adaptor
Sound card
200GB+ 7200 RPM HDD
Wireless card A/B/G
Ethernet card
Serial port
19" Monitor
No operating system


A3 or better printer


4000 lumens or better. 
Portable/semi portable (HKW)

Trolleys x2:

2 wheel, trundler kind (hackenporsche)

1x Linksys WRT54G Router (cs)

5x 3m RJ45 Ethernet cable (mh), 1x 3m Crossover cable (cs)

Hacksaw and other handtools (snippers, solder irons, scissors, rulers etc). (cs/ctm)

2x speakers and amplifier (HKW)

5x headphones (buy)

1x digital camera (cs)

1x hiking compass (cs)


100+ Plastic ties (buy)
~100x100x10cm foam (buy)
~200x5cm Aluminium tubing ~400x1or2cm plastic tubing  (buy)
3x rolls Gaffer tape (buy)
5x 15x15x5cm tupperware containers, 12x 6x6x4cm tupperware (buy)
10 tinfoil hats (buy)
large paper rolls and sheets, marker pens (cs/buy)

From Reichelt:

      N type, SMA+reverse SMA connectors
      microSD, battery holders, clips, connectors (for mini-scry)
      voltage drop diodes (1n4001-4004)
      potential materials for LT based sniffers 
      (collect order together with dereks stuff)

Martin to bring:

     scope for jessica
     USRP with antennas and PSU
     scrying and mini-scry kits
     GPS + all cables
     4x 6v batteries (10aH) + charger
     3 or 4x WL-HDD + connectors
     4x solder irons and various tools
     wire various thicknesses, RG58 cable
     portable loudspeakers
     PCBs for LT5534 sniffer
     batteries for mini-scry
     ethernet cables

Julian to bring:

     ARM v7 OMAP 3530 BeagleBoard w/ANGSTROM Embedded OS
     2x 5v (>3A) DC power supply
     USB hub
     NULL Modem cable
     DVI cable
     x200 ThinkPad
     Digital video camera
     USB wireless adaptor(s)
     USB ethernet adaptor
     Linksys WRTG router
     Soldering iron and solder
     1x300Gb external HDD

Christian to bring:

     1x soldering station + solder iron
     1x Trolley ( Hackenporsche )
     1x Set screwdriver
     1x Headphones Sennheiser HD205
     1x Ethernet Switch ( Sitecom LN-112 )
     1x Circuit Board + Jumper wire Kit
     1x passive USB hub
        diverse Microphones (e.g. SM58/SM57/Beyerdynamic condenser or dynamic
        XLR cables
        diverse Tools ( pliers etc. )

Preview Performances at Ausland!

Sunday 09.08.2009 - 21 uhr - ausland - Lychener Str. 60 - 10437 Berlin - http://www.ausland-berlin.de

This evening starts the sommercamp - workshop-marathon 10-16 August at Haus der Kulturen der Welt. Artist and workshop leaders will introduce themself with short performances. With:

Jessica Rylan (US) – complex/chaotic systems in analogue circuits – http://www.irfp.net/

Ciat Lonbarde/Peter Blasser (US) – deerhorns – http://www.ciat-lonbarde.net/

Hildur Gudnadóttir (IS) Halldor Ulfarsson (IS/F) – halldorophones – http://www.hildurness.com/ http://www.myspace.com/halldorophone

Tore Honoré Boe (N/E) – acoustic laptops – http://kunst.no/origami/boe/2.3-010.html

Dave Griffiths (B) – live coding – http://www.slub.org/

Martin Howse (UK/D) – EM interventions – http://1010.co.uk/org/

Derek Holzer (US/D) - TONEWHEELS - http://www.umatic.nl/tonewheels.html

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