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Re:Discovering Sound — an Instrument-building Workshop

The process of instrument creation sits in direct opposition to the that of instrument virtuosity. Rather than bend one’s artistic expression around the rigid, predefined form of a traditional music instrument, imagination takes flight and new possibilities are created. Like Neanderthals or small children, we are astounded that the sounds we have invented are actually our own.

This collection of three simultaneous workshop nodes–DEERHORNS, HALLDOROPHONES and ACOUSTIC LAPTOPS–explores the use of radio waves, the electromagnetism of the human body, strings under tension, the resonance of hollow structures and various found objects to invent new types of sound instruments. Each of these deeply personal creations is free to live in ignorance of any musical theories, thus having the potential for both sonic and visual excitement.

Participants may choose which node of the workshop they would like to start with, however cross-talk and collaboration between these nodes is encouraged. The workshop will end with a Viagra presentation/performance on the final Saturday of the summercamp, and an “open day” on the Sunday where the general public is invited to hands-on exploration of the instruments which have been created.

Each workshop node is limited to 10 places, so please pre-register! (see below)

Workshop nodes:

1] DEERHORNS with Ciat Lonbarde/Peter Blasser
Without musical intention, there is still your body intention, and how you place it in space. Firmness reflects, and so do all your other movements. The Deerhorn project, created by electro-mystic Ciat Lonbarde/Peter Blasser, is aimed at creating new instruments out of the original radio Theremin concept. Participants will collaborate in the construction of a playable, site-specific installation in the large hall of the Haus der Kulturen der Welt.

2] HALLDOROPHONES with Halldor Ulfarsson
Halldorophones are electro-acoustic string instruments which send the sound from their pickups back into it’s body. When the sound has traveled full-circle, it vibrates the strings again and creates an infinite sustain which the player can affect in different ways. Participants in this workshop will use found or constructed hollow forms along with simple pickups, amps and loudspeakers to create their own resonant instruments.

3] ACOUSTIC LAPTOPS with Tore Honoré Bøe
For many years, Tore “Origami Boe” has been creating, playing and passing on his “acoustic laptops”: a selection of wood boxes with various tiny objects attached; springs, stones, metal, rubber, string, needles, memorabilia – amplified by old-school contact mikes and pick-ups. Participants with & without musical interests will be invited to create their own unique acoustic laptop to start touching the sounds and drawing pictures in free air.

Facilitation by Derek Holzer

Derek Holzer’s interest in new forms of sound creation and performance have led him from computer programming in Pure Data to Theremins, “Neanderthal electronics”, long-string instruments and the possibilities of visual or drawn opto-electronic sound. For this workshop, his main concern will be the synthesis of the different approaches to instrument creation being presented.

The following WIKI page gives more useful information about the workshop location, dates, hours etc and will be updated constantly:

Each workshop node is limited to 10 places, so please pre-register! This registration is a first indication or preference, cross-talk and collaboration between these nodes is encouraged.
The workshop fee is 50 Euro for the week.
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