2009 – Wolken-Kern-Scanner – Agnes Meyer-Brandis

DOCK artist in residence:
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Cloud-Core-Scanner – Inside the Tropospheric Laboratory

The “Tropospheric Laboratory” allows insights into cloud cores and other matter of the apogee. The installation narrates the synthesis of clouds and shows varying conditions and combinations of art and science in the absence of weight. The “laboratory” is the gravimetric document of “Cloud Core Scanner” – an experiment and artistic project by Agnes Meyer-Brandis, carried out on board a German Aerospace Center research plane. It reflects an iridescent world, between controlled and unleashed states: artistic research on the quest for a degree of reality within constructions.

A production of DOCK e.V. in cooperation with Schering Stiftung.
Partner-event of transmediale.10.
The experiment “Cloud-Core-Scanner” was realised in cooperation with Deutsches Zentrum für Luft und Raumfahrt (DLR) and with the support of  Filmstiftung NRW.

Date: 15. Januar – 27. Februar 2010
Mo-Sa, 11 – 18
Opening: 14. Januar 2010 um 19 Uhr
Place: Schering Stiftung / Unter den Linden 32-34 / 10117 Berlin
Entrance: free

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The Wanderkino deals with the Art and Science under the absence of weight. As a mix of film, performance and lecture it shows flying machines with mechanisms based on gravity and weightlessness, examines cloud cores and presents a gravimetric documentation of an unusual experiment. The audience witnesses a perambulation on the search for reality degree of constructions. It experiences the reality within the movie and the trick within the reality.

Starting point is an artistic project under the condition of weightlessness, entitled “Cloud-Core-Scanner”. The experiment participated in a microgravity generating flight manoeuvre, that is usually restricted to scientific interests and was executed in collaboration with the DLR ( German Aerospace Centre).

The Material, generated under unearthly conditions, mixes and raises the issue of communication structures of contemporary art with some quite surreal forms of science (nanotechnology, Fluid-dynamic research, meteorology). As central metaphor as well as the main focus of the filmed procedures serves the theory of cloud formation.

A production of DOCK e.V. in cooperation with Schering Stiftung and Sophiensäle Berlin.
Partner-event of transmediale.10.

Premiere: 5. and 6. February 2010, 6pm
Location: Virchowsaal / Sophiensaele Berlin Mitte


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