Julien Maire @ Poznan Biennale


[intlink id=”462″ type=”post” target=”_self”]Julien Mairs[/intlink] [intlink id=”148″ type=”post” target=”_self”]memory cone[/intlink] was just shown at the Poznan Mediations Biennale.
With his Memory Cone, Julien Maire invites us first of all to explore the nature of the grain in the image, and question it’s apparent motionlesness. The installation functions as a laboratory for probing the material qualities from a mediated image.
The status of the image in Memory Cone can neither be described as a photograph, nor a slide, nor video- or filmstilll. A video-image without pixels? A quietly vibrating photograph? The projection on the white paper-fragments seems neither purely digital nor analogue. To a simple opposition, Julien Maire prefers a conflation, or hybridisation. A construct a kind of discretely disorientating electronic composite. In Memory Cone, the combination of visual sources provokes the awareness of different generations of images. When participating in this heuristic process, the viewer automatically turns into a media-archeologist. /Edwin Carels / extract of the catalogue matter and memory Woodstreet Galleries/

Memory Cone have been initiated by DOCK Berlin e.V. and produce by STUK Leuven (artefact) and Group T